Mission Statement




Mission Statement

The mission of the Galena Park Police Department is to provide law enforcement protection and services to citizens within the City limits, in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.  To accomplish this mission a number of people and resources must be directed and coordinated.  The Galena Park Police Department has an annual budget of at least $1.4 million and over two-dozen full time law enforcement officers and civilian employees to service an estimated population of 10,500.


The mission, as stated above, provides a broad and general explanation for the Department’s existence.  The goals that follow are more specific in describing the direction of efforts, which are desired and are divided into two categories:


  1. -- Providehigh quality law enforcement services and protection to persons within theCity limits of Galena Park in the most cost-effective manner possible.
  2. -- Requestnecessary funding for Department operations.
  3. -- Planand organize the Department’s resources, to accomplish long and short-termgoals.
  4. -- Providedirection for Department personnel.
  5. -- Provideequal employment opportunity for qualified applicants.



  1. -- Attainthe highest degree of professionalism possible.
  2. -- Reducedeath, injury, and property damage resulting from traffic accidents, andfacilitate the smooth, rapid and safe flow of traffic.
  3. -- Maintaina high degree of training and public awareness.
  4. -- Encouragevoluntary citizen compliance with applicable laws through interaction withthe public.
  5. -- Protectthe legal rights of all citizens.
  6. -- Encouragecommunity cooperation and participation in crime prevention programs.
  7. -- Investigatecriminal activities and take appropriate action.
  8. -- Recoverlost or stolen property and make proper disposition.
  9. -- Providereasonable cooperation to other criminal justice agencies in order toachieve mutual objectives.
  10. -- Complywith and enforce all applicable Federal, State, Local laws, ordinances andstatutes.


The above goals identify the several focal areas of efforts of Department personnel.  These areas are expressed in terms that provide continuing direction rather than final accomplishment.