Fire Marshal / Code Enforcement

 Code Enforcement
In an effort to keep Galena Park clean, healthy and attractive to all its residents and visitors, the police department, along with city hall is responsible for the enforcement of the city’s ordinances relating to high weeds and grass, debris, junk vehicles, dangerous structures, signage violations, and other code violations. The City’s Code of Ordinances details these enforcement issues. The most common violations include overgrown lots, excessive trash, junk vehicles, open storage and illegal signs. There are other violations that code enforcement addresses so if you have any questions about your particular concern, please contact us by phone or email. 
Citations (tickets) are issued when an individual fails to comply with a city ordinance. Code violations are Class C misdemeanors that can result in fines only. Most ordinances carry a fine of $100 to $2000.
Code Enforcement’s objective is to obtain voluntary compliance through community education and a certain time frame for bringing subject properties into compliance. Citations are easily avoided through responsible action. 
If you have a concern about the conditions existing on a piece of property, contact Code Enforcement at 713-675-3471 or simply fill out and submit an online concern form. You may submit your name on the form, or submit it anonymously; however, if you submit an anonymous complaint, and then later call to find out status of your complaint, it may not be available. All full-time officers at the department are considered "Code Enforcement Officers", and will be able to address the problem. An officer will investigate the complaint and begin our casework on it when necessary. 
The normal timeline for a property to be inspected is within 2 days from the time a complaint is received. If warranted, a written citation is then given to the property owners or tenants. For all violations, the violator is given ten days to correct the violation, then notify the court clerk at 713-672-2556, and inform the court that the violation has been corrected. The officer that issued the citation will verify that it has been corrected, notify the court, and RECOMMEND dismissal of the citation. Since a violation of city ordinance did occur, the department can only inform the court that the situation was corrected, and recommend dismissal. We cannot guarantee the charge(s) will be dismissed. After the time has elapsed, if the violation has not been corrected, the City can mow high grass and weeds and send the owner an invoice. Junk vehicles still not removed will be towed by the city at the owner’s expense.
Thank you for helping to keep Galena Park beautiful! 
Grass or weeds over 9 inches high on residential or commercial lots and 12 inches in fields or on undeveloped lots are in violation of the City of Galena Park’s ordinances. High grass contributes to blight conditions, creates an insect and rodent harborage and becomes a nuisance. It can also make grass fires more dangerous for fire fighters and home owners. A fee will be charged to the property owner if the City mows the property. A lien can be placed against the property if the bill is not paid. 
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 6, Article 6.200
Junk vehicles are defined as those that are inoperable and do not have current registration or inspection stickers. If a car has been inoperable for 45 continuous days regardless of the fact that it has current registration and inspection, it is still considered a junk vehicle. Covering a vehicle with a tarp is not a remedy for this violation and does not protect it from the enforcement of this ordinance. The vehicle must be kept in an enclosure with walls on all four sides. A "carport" will not protect the vehicle from enforcement either. The vehicle must be completely kept from view of the public.
Code of Ordinances Chapter 7, Article 7.700
A permit is required to hold a garage sale. Permits are issued at City Hall at a small charge, forty-eight hours prior to the sale and must include locations of any signs that will be posted. Garage sales are allowed once every three months, cannot be held for more than three consecutive days and cannot begin before 7 a.m. nor last longer than 8p.m. No more than five signs are allowed and must not be any larger than two feet by two feet. Signs cannot be posted on any utility easements or telephone poles and must be removed within twenty-four hours after the sale has ended. 
Code of Ordinances Chapter 4 Article 4.900 
Any loud noise considered to be loud, irritating or disturbing violates the City’s loud noise ordinance. Loud 
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 7 Article 7.101 
No fireworks are allowed inside the City Limits. It shall be unlawful for any person to store, to offer for sale, expose for sale, sell at retail, use or explode any fireworks or blasting agents within the city.
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 5 Article 5.600
No person shall, within five hundred (500) feet of a residence, keep or maintain at one place within the corporate limits of the City of Galena Park more than two (2) dogs or two (2) cats, except that puppies or kittens less than three (3) months of age when kept with their mother shall not be included. All dogs and cats are to have their rabies vaccination and city license. Horses are not allowed within the City Limits. Violations of this ordinance carry a maximum fine of $500 each day the violation exists. 
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 2 Article 2.200
It shall be unlawful for any person to go from house-to-house or from place-to-place in the city soliciting, selling or taking orders for or offering to sell or take orders for any goods, wares, merchandise, services, photographs, newspapers, magazines or subscriptions to newspapers or magazines, without having first applied for and obtained a permit to do so from the city permits clerk. It shall also be unlawful to sell or solicit in the city without carrying such permit while engaged in such soliciting or selling. 
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 4 Article 4.500
The City enforces a juvenile curfew for those 17 years of age and younger unless accompanied by a parent. It starts at 12:00 a.m. and ends at 6:00 A.M.; Code of Ordinances, Chapter 7, Article 7.900. 
Burning is prohibited inside the city limits of Galena Park. 
No discharge of firearms is allowed within the City Limits. 
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 7, Article 7.200